Essential Parenting Principles Every Father Needs to Know

From the cradle to the day they leave for college, the daily interactions you have with your child will shape who they are and how they view the world. While there’s no proverbial “owners manual” for raising children, this book will give you the necessary tools for creating a strong relationship with your kids.
By applying the 10 Power Principles – Love, Communication, Balance, Responsibility, Character, Respect, Golden Sword, High Expectation, Presence and Your Word – you will learn how to build a lifelong, unwavering parental foundation that will keep you on track no matter what curve balls come your way.
Some of the topics covered include:

What to do when your child just won’t listen
How to express anger appropriately
Setting limits
Managing stress at home
Instilling a good work ethic
Teaching kids how to set and meet goals
Teaching boys respect toward women
Teaching your children about sex
How to break technology addictions
Family conversation starters
How to make chores more fun
And much, much more!
Infused with heartwarming and relatable personal narratives, author Wayne Parker (parenting contributor at TheSpruce.com, VeryWellFamily.com, and TheBalance.com), a father of five and grandfather of 13, provides actionable advice for new and seasoned dads alike. With bite-sized chapters and illuminating worksheets, this digestible guide will set the course for a lifetime of great parenting.

A few reviews for Power Dads

Wayne Parker’s Power Dads is a must read for any dad who wants to make a lasting impact on his kids. Wayne provides valuable wisdom that comes from decades of experience. Read, digest and implement these proven concepts in your family. – Michael A.Stelzner – CEO and Founder, Social Media Examiner & MyKidsAdventures.com

Power Dads is a “hands-on” manual for all dads interested in learning how to be the best father possible in raising their children in today’s complex world. A must read! – Lawrence Agresto – Author of A Fathers New Beginning

Wayne Parker may be a fatherhood guide by trade and title, but his insight clearly comes from his personal experience — the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful. Power Dads has incredibly useful suggestions for dads, clearly explained, organized, and supported by a wide range of research and wisdom, but the thumping heart of the book are engaging personal stories that inspired so many of these learnings. Parker has a generous and open-minded voice that says, “been there, realized that,” and invites all fathers in on the secrets.  – Joel Schwartzberg, essayist and author of “The 40-Year-Old Version: Humoirs of a Divorced Dad” and “Small Things Considered: Moments from Manhood to Manilow

There are many wonderful books on fatherhood. Many are written by pediatricians or psychologists which bring professional views and discussion on the topic. Others, by nonprofessionals–everyday dads, are often whimsical, anecdotal, clever, or funny. What I found in Power Dads, just as I attempted in my book on Dadhood, is a mentoring style that teaches without being technical. It is simple effective advice on being the best dad you can be. Wayne Parker knows fatherhood as the expert on that topic on VeryWellFamily.com.  Power Dads is a wonderful book for all fathers! The basis of Wayne Parker’s book are ten principles all dads should understand and embrace. He then ties these principles to situations every involved father will face, but may not know how to handle. A very important chapter in my mind is ‘Ten Common Discipline Mistakes’. Every parent should read this chapter and live by it. – Michael ByronSmith, author of The Power ofDadhood